Photo editing (2)

My latest edit of a photograph from Stockvault. Software used: Gimp 2.6.7.

On fashion photography

I come to realize that I find most of contemporary fashion photography boring. Technically perfect—but that’s about it. Two notable exceptions that come to my mind are Sheila Metzner and Ellen von Unwerth.

Image of the Week

Editing: Gimp 2.6.7, Inkscape 0.46. You can find more of those photographs on my Flickr page.

Still Life

Image © Copyright 2010 by Claus Cyrny.

I shot & edited this still life a few weeks ago, just for kicks. Camera used: Kodak EasyShare Z8612 IS.

Bēhance Network

Among the many graphics & design web sites, Bēhance Network is one of the sites which I can instantly recommend for anyone looking for high-quality work. Bēhance Network is basically a site hosting online portfolios, and what makes it special is, that the work displayed is often of unusual quality, even if one encounters the inevitable clichés en vogue in today’s digital art, as well as the sometimes disturbing sujets. Besides that, if the visitor takes the time to browse the various portfolios, one can definitely stumble upon some remarkable stuff.

The portfolios at Bēhance Network are divided into different categories, what makes it easier to find what one is looking for, be it photography, photo-manipulation, vector art, 3D renderings, and much more. In addition to the portfolios, Bēhance Network features ways for people to interconnect, such as various Circles; a Tip Exchange; and a Job List.

Melissa Rodwell

Via Flickr, I discovered Melissa Rodwell’s Fashion Photography Blog. Recommended: The S.O.T.W. (Fashion Shot Of The Week) category.

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