Double Negative

Since I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Double Negative’s Dayne Cowan at FMX in 2007, I’ve been a fan of this visual fx house, which is located in London’s Soho. What especially takes me in for Double Negative are the completely unobtrusive visual fx and the high quality of their work.

Dayne Cowan at FMX in 2007. Photograph © Copyright 2007 by Reiner Pfisterer.

Like during the last years, Double Negative will be present at FMX 2010’s Recruiting Desk. This is one of those rare opportunities people who want to get their foot into the fx industry must not miss. Double Negative will be present on Thursday, May 06, and on Friday, May 07, inside the Eyth-Saal (3rd floor, booth 5).

And, here’s a short advice I got from Dayne Cowan regarding showreels: 1 minute long, and without music.

FMX 2010: surroundings

Like last year, here’s a map (PDF) of the surroundings of FMX 2010, since I thought that this could be helpful for people not familiar with the surroundings, when they want to check out the possibilities of downtown Stuttgart, between talks or in the evening. I’ve marked a number of venures here, such as cafés, Starbucks, snack bars, pizzerias, etc., which are within close walking distance. The map may be distributed under the terms of the respective Creative Commons License (BY-NC-ND).

Link: ITC Graphics Lab

Spatial Relighting. Images © Copyright by Paul Debevec et. al. Reprinted with permission.

Here’s a link to ICT Graphics Lab in California, where Paul Debevec et. al. perform research at the very forefront of high-end computer graphics. What’s being developed here today will most likely find its way into tomorrow’s visual fx & applied graphics.

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FMX 2010: Virtual Humans Q & A


On Friday, May 07, there will be a Virtual Humans Q & A held at FMX 2010. This Q & A will take place inside Raum Karlsruhe.


“Join the speakers from the Virtual Humans Forum for an informal Q&A session. In this session, the speakers will be able to talk more in depth about their topic, answer any questions you may have and maybe even show extra material that was not featured in the presentation.”


Trailer © Copyright 2002 by New Line Cinema.

A brief gimpse into the not-so-distant future: “S1m0ne” (2002). In the movie, “S1m0ne” was actually played by actress Rachel Roberts, because technology wasn’t ready, then, to render & animate a convincing CGI actress. But now, with “Digital Emily”, this has changed, and the big question is: Where will this lead us?

Further reading:

FMX 2010: Virtual Humans


As an addendum to my last post, I just wanted to announce that there will be—just like in previous years—a series of talks on the subject of Virtual Humans at this year’s FMX 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany. After having attended several talks on the subject by ILM’s Christophe Héry during the last two years at FMX, I can strongly recommend this to anyone who happens to be in the area. FMX 2010 will take place from May 04 until May 07, 2010 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart, Germany. The “Virtual Humans” talks will be held on Thursday, May 06 from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. inside the König-Karl-Halle, and on Friday, May 07 from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. inside Raum Karlsruhe. The final two hours on Friday will be reserved for a “Virtual Humans Q & A”.

Paul Debevec

Photograph: Paul Debevec at FMX. © Copyright 2009 by Reiner Pfisterer.