Comparing colors made easy

At CopySense, I found a nifty little online utility by which one can easily compare two colors in the RGB color space. One can even increment or decrement the hex values of each color. Besides that, there’s a number of other useful utilities available at CopySense.

Btw, Martin Latter, who runs CopySense, does some really fascinating graphics work (see the following article at Computer Arts to learn more). He basically uses the open source program StructureSynth, some additional open source apps, and Sunflow, an open source global illumination renderer.

Computer Arts

Computer Arts is the UK’s leading magazine on digital arts & graphics, and when I first discovered it, I was really very enthusiastic about it and eagerly browsed it for fresh ideas. Meanwhile, I have to admit, my enthusiasm has somewhat cooled off, the main reason for this being that Computer Arts is pretty much oriented towards vector art, which is admittedly not my main focus. Still, there’s lot of interesting stuff in it.

Link: ITC Graphics Lab

Spatial Relighting. Images © Copyright by Paul Debevec et. al. Reprinted with permission.

Here’s a link to ICT Graphics Lab in California, where Paul Debevec et. al. perform research at the very forefront of high-end computer graphics. What’s being developed here today will most likely find its way into tomorrow’s visual fx & applied graphics.

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