Upcoming: FMX 2010


From May 04 until May 07, 2010, FMX 2010, the 15th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media will take place in Stuttgart, Germany.

Having been accredited to as a journalist to FMX from 2007 onwards, one thing about this conference I really enjoy is the very relaxed & friendly atmosphere— last, but not least due to the sympathetic venue, the Haus der Wirtschaft, situated in the center of Stuttgart.

Here are some impressions from last year’s FMX:

The lobby:

The staircase:

The “König-Karl-Saal” on the second floor:

The “Telekom-Lounge”:

Credits: Photographs © Copyright 2009 by Reiner Pfisterer.

FMX is the largest conference of this kind in Europe. There will be a total of 230 events throughout the four days, including screenings, a multitude of talks, “Focus UK”, “Focus Hamburg”, “Focus Scandinavia”, “Focus China”, the “Virtual Humans Forum”, and much more. For the complete timetable, see here.


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