Right now, I’m absolutely excited about Picasa, Google‘s software for managing digital photos. This actually came about merely by accident, when I noticed today that, all of a sudden, F-Spot, my default app for importing digital photos, crashed each time I tried to import photos from my camera. (Until a few days ago, I had no problems.) After I had tried a few things, I read a post on those crashes where someone mentioned that he wanted to use F-Spot instead of Picasa, so I decided to give Picasa a try.

To cut it short, everything went as smooth as can be. Not only was I automatically redirected to the appropriate download page (for the Linux version), there was even a .deb binary for Ubuntu available. After having downloaded the .deb file ( I decided to go for the stable version 2.7 instead of the new 3.0 beta), the installation went smooth and without any errors, although Picasa runs using Wine, the Windows emulator for Linux.

When I started Picasa from a shell (the location being /usr/bin/picasa), it started flawlessly and—much to my amazement—instantly started to scan the folders where I have stored all of my photographs. (I only had to tell Picasa the location of the main folder.) Wow! After having plugged in my camera, I realized that F-Spot was still starting up (before it crashed again), so I had to uninstall it first ('sudo apt-get remove f-spot'). Having done this, though, all I had to do was, to press “Import” in Picasa and select “USB Camera”, and after a few moments—bingo!—the last photograph I had taken showed up.

I haven’t yet explored all of the features of Picasa, but I found the interface and the handing instantly sympathetic, and I’m glad that I am able to import my photos again.


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